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Fishing Tours

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Fishing Tours

Fishing equipment to bring include:

  • Bass Rod (6’6’’-7’)
  • Reel (Shimano 2500-4000)
  • Line (15-20 lb)
  • Steel trace (8 inch), Spinners
  • Lures
  • Hooks 5.0

Yes, Fishing equipment such as Rods, Reels & Line can be hired on a daily basis. Fishing tackle (Steel Trace, Hooks, Lures and Spinners) can be purchased from your guide.

Please obtain advice from your primary care physician.


Hello! When it comes to golf and safari we're excited to offer you a tour of some amazing spots in and around Cape Town, taking in some of the most iconic landmarks this city has to offer. But if you're feeling like a bit of a getaway, we've got you covered too - how about a short flight to the Garden Route for a wonderful mix of spectacular golf courses and thrilling game drives at Gondwana Private game reserve? Why not join us for an adventure of a lifetime by booking your place in the sun. Fishing can be an adventure of a lifetime? Botswana is the place to be if fishing is your passion and excitement is what you looking for, catching the big one!! Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of this incredible country. Imagine yourself swapping your golf club for a fishing rod, exploring exciting new locations and catching some notable fish. Embrace your adventurous spirit by making unforgettable memories in Botswana. We can say that this experience will leave you feeling revitalized, fulfilled and a zest for life. Take a leap and join us on this extraordinary journey that you won't regret!

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